The following shareholders hold in excess of 3% or more of the Company’s issued share capital:

Institutional Shareholder Number of Shares  % of Issued Share Capital
CF Woodford Equity Income Fund  16,105,450 25.0%*
Novartis Pharma AG 12,546,480 19.5%
Invesco Perpetual High Income Fund 12,546,204 19.5%
Woodford Patient Capital Trust plc 11,130,873 17.3%
Invesco Perpetual UK Strategic Income Fund 6,401,876 9.9%

* Woodford Equity Income Fund’s Shares exceed 19.5% of the total voting share capital of the Company, and thus, according to the voting rights, Woodford Equity Income Fund’s Shares shall be limited in aggregate to 19.5% of the total number of votes, such votes to be split equally on a fractional basis amongst Woodford Equity Income Fund’s Shares. Further details regarding voting rights allocations are disclosed in the Admission Document, Part XV, Section 4.


The Directors hold the following shareholding interest in the company: 

Directors  Number of Shares % of Issued Share Capital
Kunal Kashyap 1,497,735 2.3%
Denise Scots-Knight 844,199 1.3%
Frank Armstrong 256,444 0.4%
Peter Bains 107,906 0.17%
Anders Ekblom 93,002 0.14%
Paul Blackburn 22,624 0.04%
Peter Fellner 10,000 0.02%

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